Why is a Virtual Assistant better than an in house employee?

Why is a Virtual Assistant better than an in house employee?

May 25, 2018

You Save Money! – You don’t need to provide your Virtual Assistant with office Space, furnishings or equipment. Virtual Assistants will work from the comfort of their own office or home and they have their own furniture and equipment. They are responsible for their laptops, phones, copiers and anything else they require. It won’t cost you a thing in hardware or software!

As the client, you only pay for actual time! – You will only pay your Virtual Assistant for the time it takes to complete the task. You don’t pay for lunch breaks, coffee breaks, chats or time wasted on social media.

You don’t pay Benefits! – You don’t have to pay their tax, maternity leave, annual leave, sick leave, superannuation or training. YOU only pay the hourly rate they charge to complete the task. This is thousands of dollars on a yearly basis, you no longer have to pay!

No Training! – Your Virtual Assistant is proficient and experienced. You don’t need to train them. They have the latest tools, software and technology, they require to complete the tasks allocated to them.

They are Efficient! – Your Virtual Assistant understands time management. They get the job done in a timely manner and because the Virtual Assistant generates income ONLY when work is complete, they will complete your tasks on time. Every time